Wider Fitness Lane

The ONLY dual propulsion system with side-by-side mounted propellers. You have the benefit of the widest lane for any type of aquatic fitness session only with TruSwim.

More Balanced Water Resistance

Our flat sidewall and bullnose end construction of the TruSwim swim spa shell allows water returning to the power system a direct path to the return grates This assures your exercise path remains even and wid and NOT interfered with eturn water flow.

If the swim spa shell were to have a flat end or any type of curve or obstruction in the sidewall, the return path would be mixed with the resistance flow and your aquatic fitness session nothing more than swimming in moving water.

Smoother Fitness Current

Our dual propeller driven water is pushed through a unique honeycomb grate assuring the smoothest, yet powerful water current.

More Efficient Operation

Our high quality hydraulic components operate quieter and cooler extending the system life of your TruSwim over any other swim spa.

Excercise Your Way

Click the above video to view the patent-pending smooth and balanced TruSwim™ swim current.