Built for Economical Operation

Recycle, Recirculate
Our green-minded energy saving innovation recycles trapped warmed air from pump waste heat to efficiently keep your swim spa warm and ready, regardless of season and at a minimum of cost. Warmed air is trapped within the cavity behind the cabinet walls and the insulated TemperBase™ floor keeping the plumbing and shell warmed, performing much like a "Thermos". All PDC Spas swim spas are standard with this unique design making them significantly lighter in weight than foam-filled units for a much easier installation, hook-up and long-term care and operation.

How much Electric Will I Use?
The cost of operating your swim spa has many variables; the frequency and length of each use, the temperatures you set, the temperature around your unit, and the cost of electricity where you reside. The general rule is it will cost about $1.50 per day. Considering the efficiency in our design and operation, and the benefits of home relaxation and fitness, the benefits far out- weigh the cost.

Savings We Can Prove!
PDC Spas leads the industry in compliance with the California Energy Commission (CAC) Title 20 energy use testing. PDC has met or exceeded those standards by as much as 32% over the competition. Together, TemperLok™ insulation design, thermal locking cover, efficient pumps and digital controls make your choice in our swim spa the efficient and economical choice.

Service in a Snap
Our TemperLok™ design continues to insulate and provide an efficient means to future servicing for the life of ownership. Simply remove a cabinet sidewall revealing quick access to components and plumbing for quick maintenance and repair. Reposition the wall without compromising this insulation design, continuing to save on operation for years to come.

Hands-Free Water Care

Filtration You Can Count On
Caring for your new swim spa is nothing like that of a pool! Relax, our powerful filtration designs assure absolute minimum of care with minimum effort.
Our pressure-side design, PowerFlo™, uses jet pump power pressure to push water through the deep filter pleats trapping contaminants, treating with ozone and returning polished and clean. With PowerFlo™, you never have to see a dirty filter cartridge or risk contaminants reintroduced into your swim spa.
Our Synergy Series™ swim spas use the suction-side of the jet pump with the Pristine design to pull water through the filter for a deep cleaning. Water is treated with EverPure™ ozone and returned clean for your enjoyment.

Crystal Clear and Pure
The PDC EverPure2™ sanitizer produces pure ozone and powerful hydroxyl radicals to instantly clean your swim spa water as the pump circulates. The EverPure2™ ozone and UV-C system naturally destroys organic and inorganic contaminants, safely leaving your spa water fresh and clear.

Clean You Can See
With EverLite2™ exclusive to PDC Spas, we further your confidence in knowing your swim spa is clean with our cabinet mounted EverLite2™ indicator. A bright light appears when your unit is filtering and simultaneously treating with ozone and UV-C.

TemperLok ™ PowerFlo ™ EcoPure™